Video of a violent road accident: the shock awareness of the gendarmes for the departures on vacation

In Charente-Maritime, the gendarmes use great means. As the first vacationers hit the road this weekend, they released video of an impressive accident, calling on motorists to be cautious.

A strong image is better than a long speech? In any case, this is the communication strategy adopted by the gendarmes of Charente-Maritime, who shared on social networks an impressive video of an accident on a motorway, on this weekend of holiday departures for All Saints’ Day.

The heavy toll of recklessness

If the scene seems to be taking place somewhere in Northern Europe, the police insist on the universality of the teaching of such a video. “To you who like to feel free on the highway. Don’t forget to get out: I put on my turn signal, I adapt my speed, and I anticipate. Yes, I ANTICIPATE!”, They write along with these images.

As France 3 specifies, the video dates from 2014, but the message remains relevant. We see a car overtake a truck quickly and then fall back too quickly into the right lane, where a slowdown, probably linked to a motorway exit, is in progress.

As a result, the car collides head-on with the heavyweight on the front, before being struck again from behind. The video, seen more than a thousand times, reminds us not without violence that recklessness on the highway can be very expensive.


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