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Mystery Solved: The Tattooed Mummy with a Beating Heart Discovered in Egypt

The discovery of a mummy with a beating heart and a body covered in tattoos was revealed. PHOTOS/ THE SKY

CAIROThe mystery of the Pharaoh’s mummies until now it has not been completely solved, most recently a mummy that was found in 2014 on the border of Deir el Medina, near the Valley of the Kings, was revealed!

The riddle of a tattooed mummy whose heart is thought to have resumed a beat, belonging to an elite woman or a high-ranking official.

“Scientific and archaeological studies reveal that the mummy is of a woman who probably lived between 1300 to 1070 BC and died when she was between 25 and 34 years old,” said Mustafa el Waziri, general secretary of Egypt’s supreme council of Antiquities.

Although his skin has rotted away, around thirty tattoos are still visible scattered across his neck, back, arms and shoulders.

This adds evidence to the hypothesis that such detailed body modifications may have transformed the role of women into objects of divine and magical rituals, such as witchcraft and medicinal practices according to an article published by the French Institute of Oriental Archeology (IFAO) in 2014. .

A symbol of the universe carved on the body with the intention to endow her with degrees which, according to the Egyptian authorities, reflect that the mummy belonged to a woman who had an important religious status throughout her life.

As reported by Sky News, during the archaeological process, experts continued to excavate the location which was still filled with these mysterious remains.

In their research, the researchers were surprised and amazed by the condition of the newly discovered mummy. The reason, the researchers found the heart of the mummy was beating.

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