Mysterious Radio Signals from Outside the Galaxy Make Scientists Curious – Radio signals 9 billion light years from Earth were detected in record-breaking footage last week. reported that the signal was detected by a unique wavelength known as the “21 centimeter line” or “hydrogen line”, which is emitted by neutral hydrone atoms.

The signal was picked up by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in India and this means scientists can begin investigating the formation of some of the earliest stars and galaxies.

Researcher detected this signal from a “star-forming galaxy” with the name SDSSJ0826+5630, emitted when the Milky Way was 13.8 billion years old and only 4.9 billion years old. The Milky Way is the galaxy in which Earth is located.

“This is the equivalent of looking back in time 8.8 billion years,” said cosmologist and cosmologist Arnab Chakraborty, McGill University’s Department of Physics.

Galaxies are reported to emit light across a wide range of radio wavelengths. But until now, radio waves with a wavelength of 21 cm have only been recorded from nearby galaxies.

“A galaxy emits different types of radio signals. Until now, it was only possible to pick up these specific signals from nearby galaxies, limiting our knowledge to those galaxies that are close to Earth,” said Chakraborty.

These newly caught signals make it easy for experts astronomy measure the gas content of the galaxy and find the mass of the galaxy.

According to the report, this measurement led scientists to conclude that this distant galaxy has twice the mass of stars as seen from Earth. [pan]

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