Mysterious disease kills three people in Tanzania, here are the symptoms

Aifello Sichalwe, who is the government’s chief medical officer, said in a statement that including the three people who died, 13 cases had been reported so far in the southeastern region of Lindi.

Today the world continues to struggle against news waves and virus variants Covid 19 which is deadly, has killed millions of people and left millions with prolonged Covid 19.

Plus the monkeypox virus which also spreads throughout the world, causing panic in the health sector. Disease recently reported to make the world even more panicked.

What are the symptoms of this mysterious, deadly disease?

Sichalwe’s chief medical officer said the patients had tested negative for Ebola and Marburg, as well as Covid and added that one of the patients had fully recovered while the other was being isolated.

Experts said the patient had a fever, severe headache, fatigue and bleeding, especially from the nose.

“The government has formed a team of professionals who are still investigating this unknown disease,” Sichalwe said and urged people in areas where cases were detected to remain calm.

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Earlier, Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan said on Tuesday that the ‘strange’ disease reported in Lindi may be caused by growing interactions between humans and wild animals as a result of environmental degradation.***

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