Rare Find! International Research Team Finds Meteorite Weighing 8 Kg in Antarctica

However, the white landscape once again proved to be a stunning place to hunt for meteorites. An international team of scientists have discovered five new space rocks from Antarctica, and one of them is nearly 8kg (17 pounds). What’s amazing about this find is that finding a meteorite of this size is rare. According to […]

Study: Genetically Modified Bacteria Can Treat Lung Infections

According to a new study, incurable lung infections can now be treated using genetically modified bacteria. To combat the dangers of antibiotic resistance, research in mice suggests drug-resistant diseases may be targeted and made susceptible to antibiotics that otherwise would be ineffective. According to research conducted at the Center for the Regulation of Genomics in […]

Do you know what a foyer is and how it functions

RIAU24.COM – At first, the foyer describes a room that is usually a link between the entrances to various other rooms. Over time, people have come to think of the foyer as an entry hall, aisle, and anteroom. In other words, the foyer is now not only an area to be passed through but can […]

Not many know, this is the brightest row of stars in the solar system

The names of the brightest stars in the universe are: Sirius Canopus, Rigel Kentaurus, Arcturus Vega Sirius Sirius is the brightest star in the universe. The star Sirius is also known as Alfa Canis Major, this is because Sirius is in the constellation Canis Major or the big dog. Reporting from Astronomy Picture, Sirius is […]

Colds that don’t heal for months, be aware of the signs of chronic sinus

In this acute sinus phase, symptoms can last a month or more than 12 weeks, which is more than 3 months. Quoting Insider, treatment or treatment on Friday (6/1/2023) should aim to reduce the risk of complications, such as permanent loss of smell, decreased productivity from school work, and depression. Chronic Sinus Symptoms In addition […]

A powerful shock wave hits the Earth and splits the magnetosphere

www.riau24.com – Once launched, CMEs can travel at millions of miles per hour. At high speeds, they carry charged particles from the solar wind to form wavefronts that can trigger geomagnetic storms Earth’s magnetosphere was damaged on Monday by a powerful shock wave that entered the planet. According to a report from Space Weather, mysterious […]

Study: Some Places on the Moon Have Stable Temperatures To Support Human Life

Apparently there are holes and caves on the Moon with temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius (63 F), allowing human survival. The surface temperature of the moon can reach 126 degrees C (260 F) during the day. At night, temperatures can drop to as low as 137 degrees C (280 F) below zero. Now, scientists from […]

Get ready! A Solar Storm Is Expected To Hit Earth Tomorrow

However, it is the weakest of the five classified by NOAA. Geomagnetic storms are caused by a coronal hole in the southwestern region of the sun’s face spewing ‘gaseous material’. Mike Cook, who works in space weather operations, said the hole had increased the speed of the solar wind. Cook also noted that it was […]

Protect Your Baby During the Rainy Season With The Following Care Tips

Children and babies are particularly at risk as children play outside and babies cannot fend off insects on their own. It’s important to establish a routine to protect your newborn from mosquito-borne diseases as well as ensure hygiene, but meeting these requirements and ensuring that your child is raised in a safe environment can be […]