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Myanmar brutal ‘using real ammunition’ to defeat protesters One day, 18 sacrifices

Myanmar bloodshed The military took decisive measures to dissolve the calls for democracy across the country. Police use real bullets to shoot people in many big cities. One day at least 18 deaths.

On February 28, the situation in the movement for democracy in Myanmar. It became the most violent incident in a month since the military took power of the NLD, which won the election. The Myanmar Security Department has sent military forces to join the forces of the police. To crack down on anti-coup rallies in major cities across the country, from Yangon, Mandalay, Dawei, Bago and Myeik.

Local media reports said. On Sunday’s move, Myanmar security forces shot dead at least six protesters during the anti-coup movement in Yangon and Dawei. Especially in Yangon, where the deaths were the highest. Of these, a woman died of heart failure after police threw a bomb exploding to disperse protesters.

At the same time it is reported that Myanmar police also fired live ammunition at the protesters in Dawei. As a result, four deaths have been reported, the same as in Bago. Two deaths were reported in Mandalay, four in Mandalay and one in Myeik, with social media images showing that in Dawei, people of Myanmar mourned the deceased with flowers.

This is in line with the United Nations human rights agency’s report that only the dissolution of Sunday’s protests. At least 18 Myanmar democracy activists have died, at least 30 injured in operations using live ammunition by the security forces to crack down on protests in Yangon, Mandalay, Myeik and Bago. Rubber bullets, tear gas and smoke grenades are also included. As a result, since the Feb.1 coup, there have been 27 cumulative deaths from the military suppression, at least 100 injured.

Police forces and soldiers, facing peaceful protesters And with the use of violent force to dissolve to death This is according to reliable references obtained by the United Nations Office for Human Rights. At least 18 people were killed and more than 30 injured, ”the UN agency said.


With such a situation resulting in the organizationUnited Nations The European Union and the United States issued a statement condemning the crackdown on Sunday. It was Myanmar’s bloodiest day, with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urging the military to accept the election results. And respect the consensus of the people Stop suppressing the peoples As the US Government by Jake Sallina, Security Adviser to President Biden Condemn “Offensive” from the skill of the Burmese security forces. Both Washington prepared additional measures of pressure on the military government.

Like Anthony Blinken, Secretary of the United States. He condemned what he called offensive violence by the Burma Army. By Blingen stated via Twitter that “We stand firm and support the Burmese people. And support every country to make a different voice in support of their ideologies “

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