Murders in Toulouse, La Lettre… what to watch on TV tonight?

A 21h05 France 3 program unpublished fiction Murders in Toulouse. While several corpses are found at dawn in various places in Toulouse, the investigation is entrusted to Commander Simon Keller, a man bruised by life. He will be assisted by Cécile Gimet, just out of the police academy for which this is the first field investigation… An original and captivating investigation led by the endearing duo Lionnel Astier-Camille Aguilar.

France 2 offers entertainment at 9:05 p.m. The letter. Anonymous people are surprised by the help of many artists with the help of their friends and the host Sophie Davant. Kendji Girac, Amir, Pascal Obispo, Bénabar, Bilal Hassani, Jarry, Chimène Badi, Agustin Galiana and Hugues Aufray all retained a letter that upset them, honoring an ordinary person who, every day, devotes himself to them. other. Each song, created to measure for these deserving anonymous, delivers a strong message: a declaration, a reconciliation, thanks, or even a marriage proposal.

TF1 premium at 9:05 p.m. Friday, anything goes with Arthur. Arthur has concocted an exceptional program around the Jarry association: A 2main, which aims to support projects related to palliative care. Throughout this unique evening, many challenges will be met by the prestigious guests on the Jarry plateau, Alessandra Sublet, Ahmed Sylla, Claudio Capéo, Claude Dartois, Camille Cerf, Terence Telle and Booder.

Finally at 8:50 p.m. on France 5 we look at the magazine Close call. The Vosges massif is a medium mountain territory which extends over seven departments in eastern France. It is an ideal destination for lovers of wide open spaces, nature and thrills. In this setting resembling Canada, where the forest is everywhere, history and heritage lovers are not forgotten. Contents: Sounds and lights of the Vosges; The Route des Crêtes; Wood in all its forms; Made in Vosges.

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