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Murder without a corpse: 47-year-old in court

The motive for murder is said to have been jealousy

Michael S. from Krefeld has to answer for murder before the jury court in Essen from this morning. The defendant is said to have killed his ex-girlfriend Anna S. in June 2019. According to the indictment, he drove the woman who lives in Gelsenkirchen to his apartment, tied her up and suffocated her with a plastic bag. The background to the act is said to have been jealousy. Allegedly, the woman wanted to separate from him. The body has not yet been found.

Investigators found incriminating video footage

Man assaults woman who does not show any reactions

The public prosecutor Essen assumes that the husband murdered Anna S. According to the WAZ, there is “a piece of evidence that is supposed to remove any doubt.” Said video material. “Anyone who has seen that cannot believe in an acquittal for Michael S.”, the newspaper quotes the lawyer Hans Reinhardt. He is representing the missing person’s sister as a joint plaintiff in the trial.

Michael S. is said to have made the video. It shows a woman lying almost naked on the floor with her head in a plastic bag. The man who takes the pictures is offending the woman, whose body shows no reaction. “No twitching can be seen, no breathing movement.” In addition, a man speaks profanity, the report continues.

Michael S. killed an ex-girlfriend with 120 knife wounds

Michael S. is a criminal with a relevant criminal record. In 1999 he was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Because of manslaughter. He had ambushed his ex-girlfriend at the time in her apartment and killed the woman with 120 stab wounds.

As reported by the Bild newspaper, he was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison by the Krefeld district court at the beginning of the year. Reason: Out of jealousy, he tied up his too current girlfriend, a 32-year-old from Essen, and beat him up. That happened on an “actually harmonious” night of love, the attack hit the woman without any warning.

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