Murder leads to Kensington manhunt – NBC 62

“I was bleeding a lot and I wasn’t responding,” is how Police Inspector Scott Small described how he found a lady who was shot in front of her home in Philadelphia.

And it is that according to the police, the 47-year-old woman was talking to two people outside her house in the 1800 block of Tusculum Street, when a group fatally shot her in the head from a car.

“I was on the second floor when I turned around and saw that something happened quickly,” described Diana Garcia, a neighbor in the area.

Fortunately, shortly after the shooting, the police managed to identify the vehicle and after a dramatic chase that involved several patrol cars, they arrested three Hispanics: two men and one woman.

“My God there were like 15 or 10 patrols and more and more were arriving every time” Diana García trembled, who saw the persecution.

In the meantime, the authorities detailed that they still do not know if the woman was the target of the gunmen but they will continue to investigate the incident with the weapon they found in the vehicle.



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