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MP prosecutors are sanctioned by Switzerland and the institution says it is an abuse of diplomatic relations – Publinews – 2024-04-13 08:29:17

This day, the Government of Switzerland reported through a statement from the Federal Council that that country joins the sanctions issued by the European Union (EU) directed at actors from the Public Ministry (MP) for trying to obstruct the 2023 electoral process.

To this extent, the MP pointed out that once again the excessive intention of wanting to obstruct the investigative work of the Public Ministry through the use and abuse of diplomatic relations that should guarantee respect for the rights of the States Parties is evident.

“From this account, the motivations that these countries have to join the sterile efforts promoted by State institutions are demonstrated, using the resources of the people of Guatemala to try to affect the Public Ministry and its officials,” they describe.


Likewise, they argue that the spurious, biased and undemocratic accusations show the desperation of having a sympathetic and accommodating Public Ministry to guarantee impunity and corruption: “they intend to have control of an institution that enjoys autonomy and independence, this represents a serious threat against democracy and the rule of law,” they comment.

“In the face of the systematic intimidating attacks to which the Public Ministry prosecutors have been subjected, through a repetitive pattern of coercion and violation of their human rights, which even this search for impunity can trigger violent acts, the clear intention to avoid the fulfillment of the functions of the Public Ministry,” they argue.

Finally, the institution points out that the corresponding authorities are held responsible for any situation that threatens the integrity, life and safety of Public Ministry officials.


In the statement of the Government of Switzerland, it was added that the measures were imposed on Guatemalan actors, and were adopted because “senior officials of the Prosecutor’s Office attempted to undermine the peaceful transition of power”, since with their actions “they threaten democracy and the State of Right”.

The sanctions are financial and travel restrictions against five people, and come into effect this Wednesday, April 10, the communication adds. These characters are:

María Consuelo Porras, Attorney General.

Ángel Pineda, general secretary of the MP.

Rafael Curruchiche, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI).

Leonor Morales Lazo, fiscal agent of the FECI.

Fredy Orellana, seventh criminal judge A.

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