Moscow metro station “Rizhskaya” will be closed for a year for repairs

The Rizhskaya station of the Moscow metro will be closed on August 22 for a year to replace escalators and restore the lobby. This is reported by the city department of transport in Telegram… Also, the lobby will be restored to its historical appearance due to the restoration of the decorative coating of the columns, floor and ceiling.

“Since the station has only one exit, it is impossible to carry out such work without closing it. Three escalators at the station were installed in 1958, and now they have reached their end of life. New cars will be installed at Rizhskaya, which will be safe, reliable and comfortable, ”the message says.

When the station is closed, free KM buses will run from the Rizhskaya station to Prospekt Mira. You can also use the neighboring stations “Prospekt Mira”, “Alekseevskaya”, “Maryina Roshcha” and the MCD station “Rizhskaya”.

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