More than two per thousand: 42-year-old drives around the lamppost in Rangendingen – Zollernalb

The woman had more than two per thousand in her blood. (symbol photo) Photo: Jens Wolf/dpa

A drunk driver collided with a lamppost in Rangendingen on Saturday evening.

Rangendingen – According to police reports, another motorist became aware of the 42-year-old’s unsafe driving around 7pm. He was on the B32 from Juningen towards Hechingen. Despite oncoming traffic, the woman drove into the oncoming lane several times.

The witness, who had meanwhile informed the police via an emergency call, followed the woman on the L 410 to Rangendingen. On Haigerlocher Straße, the 42-year-old drove off the road in her VW and collided with a lamppost. This was loosened from its foundation by the impact and bent.

More than two parts per thousand of alcohol in the blood

While investigating the crash, officers determined that the driver was clearly under the influence of alcohol. An examination revealed a value higher than two per thousand, which is why the woman was denied a driving licence.

Property damage of around 5,000 euros was caused to the street lighting system. The accident car was a total loss of around 10,000 euros.

Witnesses of drink driving are asked to contact the Hechingen police on 07471/98800.

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