More than 207,000 Romanians have canceled their AstraZeneca vaccination

Following discussions about a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and serious thrombosis, more than 207,000 Romanians who have been registered for immunization with the vaccine have given up, according to the Ziare website.

“There were over 207,000 cancellations on the platform, and of those who confirmed the scheduled vaccination, we have about 99,000 people who did not show up,” said vaccination campaign coordinator Dr. Valeriu Georgica.

He noted that this meant that 28 percent of people who had previously confirmed the scheduled vaccination had subsequently given up.

“This is a large percentage, a third of those enrolled who did not show up. (..) It is completely natural and legitimate for people to hesitate at the moment. We need more official information from the European Medicines Agency. And we who take solutions, we need more information, “he said.

Georgica also pointed out that currently 780,000 people are waiting in the lists for vaccination against KOVID-19, and 150,000 of them are in Bucharest.

To date, 2,155,906 people have been vaccinated in Romania, with 897,857 receiving the first dose and 1,258,049 receiving the two doses of the vaccine.

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