Alès stands up to Montpellier, Lens and the Red Star back to back, Annecy led, the Cup scores at the break

Saturday 06 March 2021 15:03 – Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

It’s half-time on the four lawns where we play the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Two Ligue 1 are on the bridge with Montpellier who plays in the Gard against Alès and Lens who is traveling to Bauer to face the Red Star. At half-time, Alès made a good impression and stood up to Montpellier with a score of 1 goal everywhere. Alès managed to come back to the height of the MHSC, which had opened the scoring. Lens and the Red Star are also tied for 1 goal everywhere. It was the Etoile Rouge that started the discussions by opening the scoring but Lens quickly equalized. Rumilly Vallières leads against Annecy and achieves a great feat for the moment. Finally, Saint-Louis and Sedan returned to the locker room with a goalless draw, everything remains to be done. Back on the grounds in a few minutes.

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