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Manhunt in Washington and New York

In the United States, an unprecedented series of murders keeps investigators in suspense. A video that surfaced recently and has since been deleted showed a man shooting a homeless man in the head while he was sleeping.

Police in Washington and New York are now looking for the man. He is said to have attacked several homeless people in both US metropolises. The alleged lone perpetrator had shot five men in the past few days and fatally injured two of them, according to a joint statement on Sunday (local time).

All victims were homeless. In the most recent incidents, two men sleeping on the street were shot in quick succession early Saturday morning in Manhattan. The other attacks also happened in March. In Washington, three men were attacked in the north-east of the US capital on different days, one of them succumbed to stab wounds and gunshot wounds.

Since the circumstances of the crime are similar, they work together on the case, it said. The authorities offered rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

Footage from a surveillance camera in New York’s Soho neighborhood showed the man, dressed in black, kicking a homeless man wrapped in a sleeping bag with his foot, looking around and then shooting the man in the head with a gun on Saturday.

Police report arrest

As the police in Washington have already announced via Twitter, the investigators have already caught a suspect. It is still being determined whether the man is actually the person he is looking for. He is currently being questioned, more details will follow later, according to Washington.

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