More determined than ever, Deandre Ayton is finally back tonight!


A tarnish is the time it took to wait for Phoenix before finally being able to find Deandre Ayton on an NBA parquet. As a reminder, the pivot Bahamen number 1 of the 2018 Draft had been tested positive for a diuretic on October 24 after the inaugural victory of the Suns against the Kings home. Since then, water has flowed under the bridge and this small sprain in the regulations for a drug not really doping but prohibited at high cost to the Suns. On many Phoenix occasions, we sadly asked the question: Would we have lost this match in the presence of Deandre Ayton? Between ill-timed fourth quarters and lack of rotation inside, the Suns suffered.

But can we really blame him Aron Baynes and Frank Kaminsky, designated firefighters for 25 games? No. The latter found themselves heavily responsible in a role that is not at all theirs. If a few occasions, Baynes and Kaminsky shone offensively and surprised many NBA observers, they were especially in great difficulty in the racket. The latest defeats of the Suns confirm this observation. Against Memphis, the rookie Brandon Clarke feasted on an unduly aggressive Suns racket. Against San Antonio, the unsafe defensive rebound on the decisive rat free throw DeMar DeRozan rank the Suns game on the following action. Finally last night at the Trail Blazers reception, Hassan Whiteside was also able to impose its law without any serious opposition being offered to it.

This is how the Suns rushed for 1 week into the red, with a clearly negative record of 10 wins and 15 defeats in the absence of Deandre Ayton. It is an improvement compared to last year’s performances, but a frustration as the talents present in this squad have the capacity to secure a place in the Phoenix playoffs which has been waiting since 2010. If the referees have never helped Phoenix in this period with multiple questionable defeats, one cannot justify this negative assessment by this single argument.

Tonight, the hour of the big comeback has sounded for Deandre Ayton. Two months after playing his first and only sophomore game, he returns to one of the largest NBA halls (at the Staples Center) to challenge the Clippers. On paper, the Suns in bad shape do not start favorites. But in order to achieve a great performance, the return of Deandre Ayton falls peak! In addition, the Suns already beat the Clippers at the start of the season, when the latter were not yet established. Finally, Deandre Ayton’s return may well be linked to another return to Phoenix tonight, that of Devin Booker ! The Suns star has missed the last two games for minor wrist pain and if he remains uncertain for the night, his complete recovery is only a matter of time. We leave you with the latest secrets from Deandre Ayton for at the microphone of Tom Chambers, local legend of the Suns. Words that can leave you guessing how much his determination could change the situation for his team in the coming weeks.

I was shocked when I learned about the suspension. They were waiting for a response from me, but I was only shocked and embarrassed. I know that I have a lot of people in my circle of relatives. I even started to wonder what my career would becomeā€¦ After that, I spoke with the league and my teammates and we agreed that I would stay around the team to continue progressing. I didn’t want to be a distraction for them, but just to stay around basketball and my teammates. During this time, I learned that having sincere people around you who want the best for you is essential. I worked (with Mark Bryant, in player development at the Suns) my 3-point shooting, my physique, my aggressiveness, my use of my legs. I always arrived training before 8 am, I did a lot of bodybuilding. After the training, I was entitled to other training. On match days, I had to train even harder!

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