Mobile speed cameras in Offenbach am Main currently Thursday: where is there a flash today, November 3, 2022?

Flashing in Offenbach am Main today! Drivers need to be especially careful this Thursday if they don’t want to fall into a speed camera. On this page you can read which streets in Offenbach am Main will have mobile speed cameras on November 3, 2022 and what else you should know.

According to current information, the flashes are currently being used at one place in Offenbach am Main. The dangerous situation in Traffic of the city of Offenbach am Main can change continuously. Adjustments to the mobile radar controls must therefore also be envisaged. The following information cannot therefore claim to be complete.

This is where the speed cameras in Offenbach am Main are currently located on 3 November 2022

Be careful in the Mathildenstraße (ZIP code 63065, in Mathildenviertel): As reported on November 3, 2022 at 2:55 am, there is lightning here in a 30km / h zone. (View location on the map.)

(Status: 03.11.2022, 06:25)

Exceeding the speed limit is still one of the most common traffic violations on German roads and the number one cause of accidents. In the interest of general road safety, please always drive within the specified speed limits or the traffic situation. Other road users, especially cyclists and pedestrians, will thank you.

Exceeding the speed limit can be costly

In Germany, the Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies. This also regulates the penalties for exceeding the speed limit. In relation to the catalog of fines, the standard rates range from 20 to 800 euros. A distinction is made whether the speeding offense is committed outside the city or within the city. The maximum penalty threatens if you were driving above 70km / h in the city area and were struck by lightning. The runners therefore expect a fine of 800 euros, 2 points in Flensburg and even a 3-month driving ban.

Rules for cars in urban areas

violation Strafe Points traffic ban
about 10 km / h € 30
11 – 15 km / h € 50
16 – 20 km / h € 70
21 – 25 km / h € 115 1
26 – 30 km / h € 180 1 1 month
31 – 40 km / h € 260 1 1 month
41 – 50 km / h € 400 2 1 month
51 – 60 km / h € 560 2 Two months
61 – 70 km / h € 700 2 3 Fun
over 70 km / h € 800 2 3 Fun

Rules for cars outside the city

violation Strafe Points traffic ban
about 10 km / h € 20
11 – 15 km / h € 40
16 – 20 km / h € 60
21 – 25 km / h € 100 1
26 – 30 km / h € 150 1 1 month
31 – 40 km / h € 200 1 1 month
41 – 50 km / h 320 € 2 1 month
51 – 60 km / h € 480 2 1 month
61 – 70 km / h € 600 2 2 Sweet
over 70 km / h € 700 2 3 Fun

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What tolerances apply to mobile flash drives?

Tolerances deducted for mobile devices are the same as for fixed speed cameras. In general, the following applies: At a driving speed of less than 100 km / h, 3 km / h are usually subtracted from the measured value. At speeds above 100 km / h, the deduction is generally 3 percent of the measured value. Some speed camera models have lower measurement accuracy, here the tolerance deduction can also be set to a higher value.

This is how mobile speedometers work

There are many variants of mobile measuring points. There are various standing devices that can be easily mounted on a stand or tripod and are quickly ready for use. The police can thus monitor the black spots of accidents and danger spots in a very flexible way. Speed ​​camera trailers in various designs (so-called application trailers) are now well known. From a technological point of view, a general distinction is made between laser and radar measurement devices. Sensor measuring devices can also be used more rarely.

The rules for speed camera detectors

According to the Road Traffic Act (StVO), devices with a real-time warning function for speed cameras are prohibited in Germany. It says: “Anyone who drives a vehicle may not operate a technical device or bring it ready for use which has the purpose of displaying or interrupting traffic surveillance measures”. Therefore, external radar detectors are absolutely prohibited. A smartphone itself does not have to be turned off, but at least the alert function must be turned off in the navigation apps. However, to avoid being photographed by a speed camera, the safest method is to stick to the prescribed speed limits. By the way: speed camera warnings on the radio are of course still allowed. A person driving the vehicle alone is not explicitly warned here.

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