Miroslav Moravec led a double life. He wanted to be alone before he died

Actor Miroslav Moravec († 70) was a Czech dubbing legend. For example, Fantomas, Inspector Kojak or Commissioner Moulin spoke with his voice. While he was doing well in his professional life, his private life wasn’t so joyful. When he was dying, he wanted to be completely alone.

Although Miroslav Moravec had had a Prokop son from his marriage to artist Maria, whom he affectionately called Milčo, there were various stories about him in Prague cafes. After his departure, a certain Martin Vaněk made a public appearance, who began to claim to have an affair with the legendary actor.

“We met in a bar where mostly only homosexuals go. Then we met by chance in a gay sauna. And Mirek said that this is probably destiny. It all started from that day,” the young man told al newspaper lightning with the fact that from time to time he met the actor. However, Moravec was already in a paradise and could not react in any way to bold words.

Existential and health problems

Miroslav Moravec loved life. However, it eventually became a pain for him. He had financial problems and ended up in foreclosure. Added to this were endless health problems. First, he was hit by a reversing taxi and had to undergo hip surgery. Subsequently, his reoperation and then a long recovery. He suffered from cataracts, which caused him to lose sight and also had hearing problems. It all culminated in his collapse caused by a pulmonary embolism. Although he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the chances of recovery were slim, he fought the insidious disease very bravely.

He wanted to be alone for the last moment

“Mirek didn’t tell anyone about his illness for a long time, he tried to minimize it. He was a tremendously strong man. He always tried to spread optimism, joy and laughter around him despite his personal problems. Even if it did happen to him sometimes. , he managed everything with clarity and with his own nobility. He was an optimist in life and his motto was: don’t worry … He was Miroslav Moravec with everything. A beautiful and fragrant person, “actor Jiří Zbořil confided to the Blesk newspaper. , a close friend and confidant of Moravčev, who visited him in the hospital until the last day.

Miroslav Moravec died on March 29, 2009, at the age of 70, at 5:30 am. “Also on Thursday he had many plans. When the severe pain started on Saturday, he said he wanted to be alone for the last moment,” Zbořil also revealed.

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