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Minsa reports 11 870 deaths from COVID-19 as of day 119 of the State of Emergency


He president Martín Vizcarrto recognized that there are not enough specialist doctorss in intensive care at home. “We have to be frank and sincere, the lack of intensivists is nationwide“he said during his visit to Puerto Maldonado, capital of Madre de Dios, where he supervised the construction of a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients.

The president said that the government face this demand with new strategies “. He explained that in “the old concept” a room for four patients needed a team of intensivists, but now with the provisional hospitals for patients COVID-19 the number of patients in the work area of ​​health personnel is expanding.

“Before, there was an intensivist doctor relationship with (a number of) patients who attended; with a pandemic that relationship has to be changed […] therefore we have 50 beds that can be monitored by a teamor, “he said.



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