News Politics: Martín Vizcarra: I trust that Congress will ratify...

Politics: Martín Vizcarra: I trust that Congress will ratify impediment law


President He expressed this Sunday his confidence that the Congress of the Republic will approve in a second vote the constitutional reform that prohibits the postulation of people sentenced in the first instance for intentional crimes to positions of popular election.

“I am confident that this week the Congress of the Republic will ratify the law voted last week to prevent candidates from having first sentence in intentional crimes, I hope this is so that we Peruvians can choose suitable candidates”, said the president from Cusco.

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The plenary session of Congress, according to its agenda, will put to a vote on Monday the constitutional reform that was approved in the session last Sunday with 111 votes in favor and 14 against. In order for it to become law and enter into force in the 2021 electoral process, Parliament needs to hold a second vote with a qualified majority of 87 votes.

Martín Vizcarra He also highlighted the need to maintain the approval of parity and alternation so that women have a greater participation in national politics.

“That parity and alternation be maintained so that women occupy more and more political responsibilities, which is also extremely important. We have to move forward looking for that balance, attending to health without neglecting governance, democracy ”, Held.

Finally, he stressed that the call for the next electoral process for Sunday, April 11, 2021, will allow the election of “Better authorities”.

“The elections are coming, I made a commitment and I fulfill. This week, through a supreme decree, I have called elections for the second Sunday in April of next year. Hopefully those elections allow us to choose better authorities “, said.

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