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In Facebook and others social networks, a peculiar image was shared that revealed a new visual challenge and it didn’t take long to turn trend. It is challenge It has been considered by users as one of the difficult ones so far, since it is about locating the figure of Batman, the hero of DC Comics, among dozens of little cats.

Despite the fact that this seems like something completely simple to do, most Internet users who have tried to overcome it have not succeeded. For this reason it has been listed as one of the challenges more complicated.

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During quarantine due to the new coronavirus, visual challenges and mathematical challenges have become extremely popular on social networks, as people spend much more time at home using their computers or smartphones and thus find a way to entertain themselves.

This particular challenge managed to become viral in Facebook for having the protagonist Batman, one of the best-known superheroes in the world of comics and movies. In the figure it is possible to observe dozens of white cats and in a small space the ‘Night Knight’ in a cartoonized version.

If you still can’t find Batman, do not worry since here we are going to give you the answer. The character is located in the fifth row starting from the bottom, very close to one of the corners on the right.

If you still have not been able to overcome this visual challenge of FacebookIn the third image of our gallery we have enclosed it with a small circle. Just slide the images to the left side.

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Are you able to follow the red ball? The new visual challenge that few manage to overcome

In Facebook a video that has become viral and has caused more than one headache among thousands of users, as it shows a complicated visual challenge. This recent challenge is to stare at a Red ball and follow it to the end, while a woman juggles it. Despite the fact that it seems very simple, most users have failed in the attempt.

Daily it can be seen in Facebook, and other Internet platforms, hundreds of visual challenges that test the agility and mental speed of Internet users. Some of them are usually extremely easy, while others, as in this case, complicate anyone who dares to try.

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How many numbers do you see The mathematical challenge that causes a furor in social networks

A new challenge is breaking in internet. An image has gone viral in Facebook and others social networks for the confusion that has produced in the thousands of Internet users solving a mathematical exercise.

The new challenge allows users of Facebook assess your level of vision. In the drawing, a superposition of numbers is represented, which netizens they must figure out. In the sequence there are several digits, some are visible to the naked eye, and others, you have to look for more.

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Can you draw this image without lifting the pencil? The TikTok challenge that no one overcomes

A video shared on Facebook It has gone viral on social networks, since these images show the complicated challenge of TikTok that has been considered one of the most complicated challenges that exist in the world. Thousands of users have been frustrated trying to solve it.

Initially, some users of Facebook They came to think that it would be a very simple challenge; However, it is so complex that it ended up becoming a trend in several countries such as Mexico, Spain, the United States, among others.

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Can you find the sleeping baby? This is the visual challenge that few can overcome

In Facebook it has become viral a new visual challenge It is causing headaches in all users who try to overcome it. In this challenge you have to see a figure and try to find the sleeping baby in a few seconds. Although it is true, it can be seen as an extremely easy challenge, most who try it, are not successful.

Unlike other visual challenges that circulate in Facebook, the challenge viral The ‘sleeping baby’ has many elements in the image. This makes it almost impossible to solve, so you must be very skilled to find it in a short period of time. Here all the details of this exercise.


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Can you see the baby dog ​​hidden among cows? The visual challenge that almost nobody can solve

An image that was shared in Facebook presents a complicated ‘visual challenge‘which has caused headaches in users. This new challenge is to locate a hidden baby dog ​​among a large number of cows, which should be solved in just 10 seconds. At first it may seem easy, but it turns out to be much more difficult than it appears. Do you encourage to pass it?

While the visual challenges are some of the most popular tests of Facebook, the truth is that many of them only generate a headache in anyone who tries to overcome them, since most of them are impossible to solve, much more when you only have ten seconds to achieve it. Do you dare to try it? Here we leave you the instructions to follow to test your cognitive acuity.

Slide the images to see the response of this complex visual challenge that has caused a furore on social networks. Photo: Facebook

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Are you able to find the four old keys? The new visual challenge difficult to overcome [FOTOS]

A curious image shared in Facebook It has become a real ‘nightmare’ for users, as it presents a new visual challenge with a high level of difficulty. The challenge, viral on various social networks, is to look carefully at the photo to locate the four old keys; However, it is not as simple as it seems because you should do it in the shortest possible time.

It is about finding the four old keys that are among others of different sizes and colors. Due to the social confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges have been spread on social networks with the aim that people can entertain themselves and have a good time. However, there are some visual challenges that stress rather than relieve tension.

Slide the images shared on Facebook to know the result. Photo: Televisa News

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What number is the doctor hiding? The new visual challenge proposed by CNN [VIDEO]

Since quarantine was implemented in various countries as a measure to prevent coronavirus, users have found in ‘visual challenges’ a new way to have fun and hang out. We have from finding small objects in a jungle to knowing what number a doctor is covering; The latter was proposed by the American network CNN in its Facebook. Do you dare to do it?

“Special viral challenge in times of pandemic,” the chain called it. At first glance it seems simple; However, it is quite the opposite. The CNN rapporteur revealed that he discovered the number in just two minutes, while some users in Facebook They stated that it was a ‘real headache’.

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How many dolphins do you see in the picture? A visual challenge that seems easy, but few manage to solve it

In Facebook a new visual challenge who turned viral in a matter of hours in different social networks and it generated problems for thousands of users, who were unsuccessful in knowing the true answer. This complicated ‘challenge‘aims to find all dolphins hidden one above the other in a singular image and everything must be solved in the shortest possible time. At first it seems simple, but the truth is that many failed in the attempt.

During quarantine, persons are taking advantage of their time to solve various challenge that have become fashionable in social networks. They aim to challenge themselves to demonstrate their skills alongside their loved ones. Here we leave you all the details.

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Do you find the rooster hidden among the chickens? The complicated visual challenge that few solved

Do you dare to try it? Through Facebook a new one was shared visual challenge It has quickly gone viral and caused users headaches, due to its high level of difficulty in solving it. This challenge is to look carefully at an image to locate a gallo camouflaged among a lot of chickens. At first it seems like an easy exercise, but few managed to find the answer with only 10 seconds.

What does it consist of? All you have to do is look at the image that was shared in Facebook, for a period of ten seconds, and find the mischievous rooster that hid in a chicken pen. Although it seems very simple, the truth is that 99% of people who have tried it have failed miserably. Here all the details.

Slide the images to see the answer of this complicated visual challenge that causes a furor on Facebook. Photo: econsejos.com


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