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Ministry of Education’s Green Education Center Outcomes Revealed at COP 28 Conference

Dubai: Mohammed Ibrahim
Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for the Capacity Building Sector, revealed the most prominent outcomes of the Green Education Center, a legacy from the Land of Zayed, at the COP 28 Conference of the Parties, which included in-depth discussions on climate and environmental issues, targeting various fields and sectors in various countries of the world. .
She said in statements to Al-Khaleej that the discussions and meetings that hosted education ministers around the world who were hosted by the center, with the participation of 13 representatives of the ministries of education, focused on two important tracks, the first of which is educational resources that can be provided to other educational systems, as well as providing a model. Open sources, to accelerate the application of climate education in various countries of the world.

She stated that the second track focuses on participatory work to develop a tool to measure the impact of the carbon footprint on educational systems around the world, and the extent of its contribution to achieving the Paris Agreement and the goals of the Conference of the Parties.
Commitments of 40 countries
She added that the center hosted the first meeting of the Global Partnership for Green Education, in cooperation with UNESCO, to achieve sustainable development goals in educational systems, where 40 countries announced their commitment to climate education, its paths and capabilities during the meeting, and this number is increasing, especially after the development of commitments in cooperation with UNESCO. , to achieve the desired goals.
She explained that the Partnership for Green Education framework adopted a number of initiatives and platforms, most notably the harmonization and application model, which will be applied to the developed framework for training teachers and workers in the educational field, to deliver the principles and foundations of climate education in classrooms and outside classrooms at the level of the school environment and at the community level. also.
Main engine
She stressed that teachers and educators are the main driver of implementing climate education frameworks and guides, and in cooperation with a number of organizations, led by UNICEF, the Voice of Educators platform was launched, which was developed in cooperation with the Office of Climate Education, and with Alef Educational Solutions, to create a global participatory platform, to enable Cadres passionate about climate education in the educational field, and communicating its principles and paths to the classrooms in their schools, as well as enabling teachers to share their ideas and educational resources, and to work participatively, not at the local level; But globally.
Speaking about the visitors to the Green Education Center at COP 28, she stated that expectations take us to about 50,000 visitors in 13 days, to contribute to raising community awareness and developing climate education at the national and global level, explaining that monitoring operations until last Monday showed that the number of visitors It reached 45,000 visitors, at a time when we expected no more than 18,000 visitors from various categories. The reason for the increase in attendance during COP28 may lie in the qualitative experience that the center provides through discussions and consultations that target education communities of all categories, as well as showcasing… All initiatives that the Ministry is working on, the objectives of the national plan and the projects of participating partners.
Ministry trends
In her stance on the Ministry’s trends after COP 28, Al-Dahhak stated that the Ministry’s goals were clear before the start of the Conference of the Parties; It has drawn up a road map to achieve sustainability in the education community and its various institutions. The entire focus goes to developing specific paths to achieve accelerators for implementing climate education at the national level, through a plan that brings together the Ministry and its strategic partners, stressing that the stage that preceded the Conference of the Parties is nothing but an establishment stage in preparation for developments and the implementation of recommendations.
She revealed that the Ministry is organizing a “Green Education Retreat” at the national level, in cooperation with partners, to develop a sustainable plan to implement the initiatives and classify them as “founding or sustainable.” There are other initiatives that will be announced at a later time after approval, but what will be implemented after the Conference of the Parties is not Limited to the national level; Rather, it will be in cooperation with various international organizations that we cooperated with during the preparation phase, to transfer these practices to the educational system in the Emirates and to other educational systems, so that climate education will be a fundamental goal within the global agenda, especially since climate change has no limits and does not exclude anyone, and in order to achieve To achieve solutions that ensure the sustainability of planet Earth, everyone must cooperate, and the efforts of all sectors must be combined in order to protect the planet.

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