Minister Serbezova: First case of dangerous hepatitis in our country, the child is fine

The Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova

The first case of the so-called Dangerous hepatitis has been registered in our country, announced the Minister of Health Asena Serbezova in the program “Focus” on Nova TV.

It is a child from Burgas, but fortunately he has already been cured, said the Minister of Health. She added that there was no registered outbreak of the disease.

The child was in hospital and is currently being discharged. Minister Serbezova did not specify his age and whether people around him were isolated. He said it was the job of epidemiologists.

It is important to be very vigilant about everything that happens to us, whether it is a covid or something else, Minister Serbezova recommended.

She added that data on the spread of the coronavirus were constantly monitored and that health authorities were ready for a new wave in the autumn, as predicted by international experts.

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