Migrant women sterilized in internment camps without their knowledge?

Doctors removed the wombs of refugees

In a detention center in the US state of Georgia, doctors are supposed to remove the uterus of refugees from Central and South America without them noticing. Now a nurse is making serious allegations.

Like an “experimental concentration camp”

The private Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia accommodates people who have fled Central and South America. Dawn Wooten also worked in the detention center for three years. Now the nurse raises serious allegations after her experiences. With the help of human rights activists, she filed a 27-page lawsuit against the camp. The doctors who work in the camp would remove part or all of the migrants’ uterus more than average. The Spanish-speaking immigrants did not seem to understand why they had to undergo the procedure – and especially what is being done to their bodies. Previously, the women are said to have complained of severe menstrual pain.

The nurse is said to have gotten the patient’s approval by simply Googling everything in Spanish. “He performed the procedure on all of his patients. That is his specialty. He is the uterus collector,” said Wooten in the lawsuit, which is before the BBC. Following the nurse’s allegations, human rights activists went there and interviewed inmates. A woman is said to have not been properly anesthetized during the procedure, the doctor accidentally removed the wrong ovary so that she could no longer have children. Another woman was supposed to have a cyst removed and had her uterus removed instead. “When I met all these women who had been operated on, I thought it was like an experimental concentration camp. It was like experimenting with our bodies,” said one inmate, according to the complaint.

Immigrants not tested for Covid-19 in time

The health and safety standards were not met. In the corona pandemic, the situation there is said to have even worsened. The facility refused to test imprisoned immigrants for Covid-19 in good time, and the camp probably withheld many positive tests. Wooten said that patient documents were forged so that no one outside the camp would notice. People suffering from the coronavirus are not isolated, and there was no social distancing there. Test devices, which are said to have been purchased by the state for 14,000 US dollars each, remained unused. The employees were not shown how to use the devices, according to Wooten, “I’ve only seen them in operation once”.

The nurse’s allegations don’t seem new. “Activists have been indicting human rights abuses within the Irwin County Detention Center for years,” one activist told the BBC. “Ms. Wooten’s statements confirm what interned migrant women have been reporting about for years.

According to some US media, the detention center did not want to comment on the allegations. According to the website, there should be up to 1201 people there. Bob Trammell, a representative of the US state Georgia, called for those responsible to be withdrawn from the license until the investigations are completed.


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