“Mid-40s Alert: Four Unhealthy Behaviors That Can Harm Your Heart Health”

Risk factors for heart disease start to rise in your 40s, so you should give up bad habits for a healthy heart. [사진=클립아트코리아]

If health care is neglected from the age of 40, the healthy life of middle-aged and elderly people can be threatened. Cardiovascular health becomes more important, especially as we age. Risk factors for heart disease start to rise in your 40s. Problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are major causes of heart problems. Your 40s are never too late to improve your heart health. From middle-aged in their 40s, learn about the bad habits you need to throw away for a healthy heart.


◆ Consuming more calories than necessary

As we get older and lose energy, we look for high-calorie, healthy foods. Of course, there are many essential nutrients that you must eat. However, no matter how healthy you are, eating more than one serving won’t do you any good. Excess calories cause weight gain because it leads Eating too many heart-healthy foods can actually put your heart health at risk. Limit grains to the size of a tennis ball and one tablespoon of olive oil per meal.

◆ Letting go of weight gain

As you enter your 40s, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight. This is because your metabolism slows down and you gain weight easily. increase in waist circumference Increased weight increases your risk of heart diseasealso rises Therefore, you should buy a scale and check your weight at home from time to time.

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Weight that changes around 1kg per day can happen due to dehydration, food eaten, and hormones, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. However, if you are steadily gaining weight on a weekly basis, this is definitely the time to adjust your diet and diet.


◆ Exercising right away without warming up

The ideal amount of exercise is 3-4 times a week, 30-45 minutes at a time. Lack of exercise is a problem, but excessive exercise due to excessive motivation is also not good. Studies have shown that excessive exercise in middle age can lead to heart damage later in life. In my 20s, I ignored warm-up and cool-down, but starting in my 40s, 5-10 minutes of warm-up before and after exerciseclass Let’s not forget the finishing exercise.

◆ Ignoring Chronic Stress

In middle age, various stresses such as economic problems, work, and household chores increase. Stress is a part of life, but it’s different when stress becomes chronic. It can lead to health problems, including heart problems. This is why the ability to cope with stress determines the quality of life and health. The secret to maintaining a healthy heart after the age of 40 is to control stress through meditation or exercise so that stress does not become chronic.

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