“Manchester City’s Gateless Tactic helps them clinch victory against Liverpool as absence of Charant fails to deter “Blue Moon” from scoring 4 goals in Premier League encounter” – Sports News, 01 April 2023 (21:32)

Charante has recently been rumored to have signed a new sponsorship contract of 20 million euros (170 million Hong Kong dollars) with “One Pick”. However, he suffered a thigh injury before the international match, and was not hired by coach Dior. He only watched the game in the VIP box . In addition to Avallis being selected as the main pick, Stones also made a cameo as a defensive midfielder, forming the “Blue Moon” 3-2-4-1 “no gate formation”. As a guest of the Red Army, Dayun Niunis retreated to the reserve, and Diagao Dahujia and Muhammad Sana attacked the fortifications.

Liverpool was under pressure in the early stage and instead relied on Fabino’s 17-minute long pass. Although Zuda, who broke through offside, failed to kick, but Shanar went up and opened the scoring first. This season, together with the Community Shield, he scored all four times against Manchester City. Manchester City tore through the Red Army’s defense line from right to left 10 minutes later, allowing Kiarishu to make a cross from the left to help Avallis equalize. In the second half, Avallis scored Boyumares in the middle of the game, and the latter assisted Qiyun Dibney. After a shot was blocked, Gendujian made up. Manchester City took the lead 3:1 after 8 minutes after changing sides.

Adding to the icing on the cake another penetrating flank from Kyarisz, City have 64 points after their first four league wins of the season, five points behind Arsenal in 28 games in the same games. As for Liverpool this season, they only got 3 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses in 14 away games. They lost three games in a row in all competitions. In the 70 minutes of the game, the main players such as Shaner and Andrew Robertson were replaced.

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