Microsoft would be thinking of permanently merging Xbox Live Gold with Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft will be considering the idea of merge permanently Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate similar to Sony’s latest move with PS Now, which will soon become part of the new PS Plus. This information has been shared by the journalist Brad Sams through a recent video posted on his personal YouTube channel (via Gaming Bolt), although for the moment Microsoft has not commented on the matter.

As those of you who benefit from the many services offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will know, Xbox Live Gold – an essential paid subscription to play online multiplayer modes on Xbox systems – is included in the service, although Microsoft wants to eliminate Gold completely to offer it exclusively in Ultimate. In other words, in the event that the company finally opts for this option, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players will be forced to pay for the highest subscription offered by Xbox Game Pass in case they want to benefit from it. online features of some titles.

Xbox Game Pass could receive a family plan

On Friday of last week we echoed a rumor spread by Windows Central that assured that Xbox Game Pass could receive a family plan throughout this year. At the moment, the existence of this family plan has not been confirmed by Microsoft itself, although it is speculated that the highest level of subscription would provide access for up to five players. Similarly, we also do not know if there will be specific plans for PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass users.

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