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Microsoft to Release Next Generation Xbox Console in Response to PS5 Pro

The next generation of the Xbox console is set to arrive a little earlier than planned. Microsoft reportedly intends to respond to the PS5 Pro with an entirely new console.

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The current generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony has been with us since 2020 and is gradually aging. Although the performance of the PS5 and Xbox Series X cannot yet be described as a drag on the graphical development of games, this will traditionally change in the coming years. Sony is therefore expected to introduce the PlayStation 5 Pro in a year, which will bring especially higher graphics performance with better support for ray tracing. Microsoft has to answer this with a new console.

The successor to the Xbox Series X is not intended to be an update (or “Pro” version) of the current model. It will be a full-fledged new generation and should arrive in 2026, according to a number of speculations. This would mean that the console from Microsoft will be on the market less than two years after the PS5 Pro, but at the same time earlier than the PS6. Microsoft let it be known that Xbox Series X is already the “Pro” version of the current generation. Still, leaks are circulating at least about a design refresh along with a higher internal storage capacity.

As for the performance of the next Xbox, the basis should again be the guts from AMD. Specifically, a processor with Zen 5 architecture and graphics with RDNA5. Although Zen 6 is mentioned in the image above, Zen 5 is currently supposed to apply to the desktop console. Implementing the earlier architecture would allow Microsoft to release the console through the PlayStation 6.

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