Michel wants “cards on the table” from Britons in Brexit negotiations | Abroad | News

AFP European President Charles Michel (left) and British Prime Minister Boris Johson.

European President Charles Michel called on the United Kingdom on Wednesday to “put its cards on the table” in the blocked negotiations on future relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The British are willing to walk away from the negotiations if a deal is not struck soon.

“The European Union prefers an agreement, but not at any price. It is time for the United Kingdom to put its cards on the table,” Michel tweeted after a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Johnson, for his part, underlined in the conversation “his clear commitment to try to reach an agreement,” it said in a statement. But the UK is also “ready to end the transition period on Australian terms (no deal, ed),” warns Downing Street.

The European Union and the United Kingdom have been negotiating a free trade agreement and other aspects of future relations since March. The talks are very difficult. Both sides strongly disagree on state aid and fair conditions of competition for European and British companies, on fisheries and on the rules to ensure compliance with the agreement. There are disagreements in particular in the field of fishing. A British government spokesman stressed that the British, but also the EU, are better off with an agreement.


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