Michael Saylor has predicted a new Bitcoin high

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor predicts that the price of digital gold will rise record of $ 69,000 in the next four years. This is reported MarketWatch.

He is confident that bitcoin has bottomed out in the current bearish cycle and expects it to rise to $ 500,000 over the next decade.

Saylor claimed to personally own 17,732 BTC, which he bought for around $ 9,500 about two years ago. Therefore, the total amount of his investments in the first cryptocurrency exceeded $ 165 million.

He also stated that bitcoin has a high probability of replacing gold as a store of value asset due to the impossibility of its control by governments.

Already MicroStrategy bought an additional 301 BTC in the amount of $ 6 million. The average purchase price was $ 19,851 for 1 BTC.

Recall that Michael Saylor is a well-known supporter of bitcoin. Name the first cryptocurrency the most reliable thing in an unstable world And global reserve assets.

8 August sailor resigned as CEO of MicroStrategywhile remaining chairman of the board of directors. Fong Le took charge of him.

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