Metal: Hellsinger – The premiere has been postponed to 2022

The developers regret the decision, but it was necessary to release the game the way it deserves.

Last summer we were notified of the arrival of the Metal: Hellsinger is an old-fashioned-looking FPS in which we have to eradicate demonic hordes to crushed metal music. It may even seem like a low-budget DOOM clone at first, but the makers have put some twists on the subject by fooling the battles into having to battle rhythm with our opponents. We haven’t heard anything about the project lately, which was also weird since the developers were expecting a 2021 premiere. In the end, what happened was to be expected, the official information was received the other day, that we will only get the final release sometime in 2022.

The previous announcement trailer

Metal: Hellsinger will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S sometime in 2022, the exact date is not yet known.



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