Menstrual leave in Cusat; KSU claims

Kochi: KSU leaders have staked claim on the menstrual leave of Kochi University of Science and Technology. KSU has come forward with the claim that the menstrual leave in Kusat is an achievement of SFI when the social media campaign is getting stronger. As part of this, discussion is active on social media.

The discussion has also heated up when KSU leader Ann Sebastian, who is also a representative of Cusat University Union, came forward and pointed out that one of the most important things in the KSU manifesto, which was put forward to face the elections in Cusat, was menstrual leave. Anne Sebastian has come forward by releasing evidence of the things KSU has done to implement the menstrual leave mentioned in the manifesto through Facebook.

Ann also stated that the change started in KSU CUSAT is trying to spread to other universities in Kerala. She also clarified that we will raise the demand for menstrual leave in other universities as well. But below Ann Sebastian’s post, the opposition of SFI activists is also strong. They claim that SFI made the menstrual leave in Kusat a reality.

Ann Sebastian’s note in full

KSU is taking up the change that KSU started in Kusat to MG University. We will raise the demand for menstrual leave in other universities in Kerala as well.

Menstrual leave was one of the most prominent in the manifesto put forward by the Kerala Student Union to face the CUSAT elections this year. Although he managed to win only two seats in the election, Kurian, as the KSU unit president, made a petition with proper follow-ups to fulfill that promise in the manifesto. He applied to the university on January 1.

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They are unable to specify a single date in the circulating letter saying that SFI acquired that right after the university granted permission for menstrual leave. Even when it is said that the union has achieved here, it is being forgotten in the campaign that the SFI is running to take credit for this, that the union is not entirely made up of SFI members but also includes representatives of the KSU.

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