Cheap Amazon Prime Lite is now available! What does it offer?

It has not been long since the new year and many companies have decided to raise the services they offer to users so far. Amazon, which has not yet made a price increase, has launched Prime Lite, the cheap version of the Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Lite is now available!

The regular Prime service offered by Amazon offers same-day delivery and free shipping on your purchases. It also includes services such as Prime Video with movies and TV shows, and Prime Gaming, which draws attention with its free games every month.

Amazon today rolled out a cheap version of its Prime service, Prime Lite, to some users in India for testing purposes. Lite plan has some restrictions compared to normal. One of them is showing ads on the Prime Video service. In addition, service subscribers are informed about the plans that orders will be delivered in two days.

HBO Max has been hiked!  Here is the new price

HBO Max has been hiked! Here is the new price

HBO Max has increased its subscription prices with the decision it took in the past hours. So how much is the current subscription price?

Prime Lite is priced at $1 in India. Since it has not yet arrived in Turkey, its price in our country is not known. Amazon Prime is offered for 7.90 TL in our country. The new Prime Lite is expected to cost around 4-5 TL.

  • Amazon Prime: $2.20 per month ($18 per year)
  • Amazon Prime Lite: $1 per month ($12 per year)

The price of Amazon Prime in our country is 0.42 dollars in foreign currency basis. Turkey is the cheapest country in the world. Some estimates on this subject indicate that the company will increase the price of the regular subscription and Prime Lite will be 7.90 TL.

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Amazon Prime vs Prime Lite

Property Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Lite
Delivery: In 1 day with Express Delivery 2 days (standard)
Cargo: Free Free
Prime Video: Up to 3 people and no ads Up to 2 people and with ads
Prime Gaming: Was no
To Prime subscribers
special deals:
Was Was
Monthly price: $2.20 ($18 per year) $1 ($12 per year)

Subscriptions that offer advantages such as Amazon Prime have many competitors in our country, such as Hepsiburada Premium. With the arrival of Prime Lite in our country, the competition between these companies will increase.

So what do you think about Amazon Prime Lite? How did you find the price? You can share your views with us in the comments section below.

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