Chile, October 18, 2019: a popular uprising on an unprecedented scale is shaking the neoliberal system maintained since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship. September 4, 2022: the constitutional proposal drawn up by the Constituent Assembly resulting from this revolt is rejected by referendum. During these three years, the social movements carried out a process of politicization of a rare intensity, nourishing the debates inside and outside the Constituent Assembly. The political experience thus acquired, valuable in lessons that go well beyond Chile, paves an original way, that of the reinvention of democracy understood as an activity of all citizens, and not as the monopoly of professional politicians. Such reinvention will continue, one way or another. It requires a work of political imagination that forbids any desire to restore or reproduce an idealized distant past or to reproduce recent “progressive” governments. An exercise that Chilean feminists call the “memory of the future”.

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