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Melnyk about delays at Scholz in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: It seems that they are waiting for a ceasefire – news from Ukraine, World


Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk suggested that the German chancellor Olaf Scholz allegedly took a wait-and-see attitude with the supply of heavy weapons to help Ukraine, so that when the Kyiv-Moscow negotiations resume, this would not have to be done. He told the publication RND.

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“There is an impression of waiting for a ceasefire. Then the pressure on Germany will disappear and there will be no need for bold decisions,” the ambassador suggested, adding that “it is perfidious logic that the Ukrainians are left in the lurch.”

He noted that the US is “doing a lot more” and that “even a rather reserved Italy” has already delivered three military aid packages.

Melnik believes that such a position of Berlin is allegedly a consequence of the fact that “the echo of the old policy towards Russia still resounds in many official institutions.”

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The diplomat also wonders why Scholz still hasn’t visited Kyiv during the big war: “We are embarrassed and annoyed by the fact that the head of the government of a country that calls itself a great friend of Ukraine does not want to go to Kyiv.”

He suggested that such “unwillingness” is “a kind of signal, and, moreover, the wrong one.” The diplomat believes that it is connected with delays in the supply of heavy weapons by Germany to Ukraine.

“Because he does not seem ready to finally implement the historic decision on the supply of heavy weapons, although there is a decision of the German Parliamentwho is three weeks old. We get the impression that the chancellor does not want to do this,” the ambassador said.

  • May 17 at Spiegel wrotethat the Armed Forces of Ukraine received thousands of unusual mines and a batch of “Matadors” from Germany.
  • May 19 Melnyk declaredthat “in the Bundestag they say that the supply of weapons is hindered by the department of Scholz.”
  • Germany transfers the APU seven modern self-propelled artillery mounts.
  • Ukraine wants to buy 10 German air defense systems IRIS-T SLMbut Berlin is still in thought, writes Bild.

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