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Mehl: Kristiansen’s fee can be paid before the new year

This was stated on Friday by the Minister of Justice and Emergency Situations Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp). NRK extension that it is natural that Viggo Kristiansen receives the fee as soon as possible and that they are considering having some of the fee paid up front.

On Saturday, the ministry said it held talks with Norway’s civil rights administration.

– The state Civil Rights Administration, which handles the claim, is awaiting an inquiry from Viggo Kristiansen’s defenders into an upfront payment. They will process the application quickly when it becomes available, Emilie Enger Mehl says in a press release.

Mehl was informed that the case will take priority and that if an application is received as early as next Monday, the Norwegian Civil Rights Administration will do its best to make an advance payment before the new year.

The justice minister does not want to speculate on the size of the advance and says it is up to lawyers to contact the Norwegian Civil Rights Administration, which must make an assessment.

On Thursday, Viggo Kristiansen was acquitted of the Baneheia murders and Mehl regretted being jailed for the wrong reasons.

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