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Megara: Four people were arrested for illegal weapons – 2024-02-29 09:10:15

The police arrested 4 people for violating the arms law the night before yesterday in Vlycho Megaron.

In particular, according to ELAS, OPKE police officers. after receiving a signal on Monday night, 26/02, about shootings in Vlycho Megaron, they rushed to the area, where they found four people aged 26, 39, 44 and 48 years old, carrying weapons, in the surrounding area of ​​a newly erected building.

With self-protection measures and after the appropriate orders to the controlled, they safely immobilized the four men and bound them.

What was seized?

In the possession of the 48-year-old was found a pistol with a magazine of 10 cartridges, and in the possession of the 26-year-old a pistol with a magazine of 13 cartridges and a nylon bag containing 39 cartridges of the same caliber. The 44-year-old possessed a pistol with a 6-round magazine and a nylon bag with 33 rounds of the same caliber. An armed carbine with 8 cartridges was found on the ground next to them.

The individuals were taken to the Security Directorate of Western Attica and a case was filed against them for violation of the weapons legislation.

As it emerged after the weapons were seized, one of the pistols had been stolen from a police officer in Kalymnos in 2016.

The weapons were taken to forensic laboratories for laboratory examination.

Those arrested were taken to the Athens District Attorney.

Source: RES-MPE

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