Meeting at Paniai Ricuh Regent’s Office, One Person is Reported Dead

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of police personnel ladies, Papuadispersed the crowd in a riot at the Paniai Regent’s Office, Papua, in Enarotali by firing warning shots and tear gas, Tuesday (5/7).

It was reported that one person died during the riot. The rioting incident began during preparations for the village head election at the Paniai Regent’s Office which began at 08.00 WIT.

The riot occurred around 11.45 WIT. The mob stormed into the Paniai Regent’s office, causing the officers to forcefully disperse.



“There is a report that a resident died from a gunshot wound to the stomach, namely Donatus Nawipa,” said Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri in Jayapura, Tuesday (5/7) as quoted from Between.

In addition, he said, it was also reported that a resident named Alpius Giay had an injury to his right thigh.

He said that because the mass action became increasingly anarchic and caused property damage, members of the Paniai Resort Police who came tried to disperse it by firing tear gas.

However, the masses did not pay attention, they continued to act anarchically, forcing the officers to give warning shots again.

“It is possible that when giving the warning shot (the bullet) hit the victim and died,” said Fakhiri after the commemoration of the 76th anniversary of Bhayangkara.

Fakhiri explained that at this time it was not certain whether there were other victims or not. On the one hand, according to reports received, said Fakhiri, a member of the Paniai Police Station was also injured in the leg due to being mistreated by the crowd.

He said First Brigadier Pimlipki suffered a laceration to his right leg due to being mistreated by the masses using a sharp object.

In addition, continued Fakhiri, the Paniai Police Chief has been ordered to communicate with village heads and community leaders, so that they can help calm the masses.

“I will also meet with the Regent of Paniai who happens to be in Jayapura to discuss the matter,” said Fakhiri.


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