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Medicines shortage

New system.

In the 4T call there is a permanent itch to change everything that exists, to show that this is a true transformation. In this change good things get run over and there is a lot of confusion. Recently it was found that the pharmaceutical industry was corrupt, and instead of sanctioning and preventing it, the system of production, purchase and distribution of medicines was changed, which is a serious problem for those who require them urgently or chronically.

Yesterday in Monterrey, many medications were missing and there was the case of a girl who died of chronic lymphocytic leukemia due to lack of adequate medications. This is a sign that, with the excuse that they are going to the UN, they are going to give medicines with different names, generating confusion, which is in contradiction with what existed, since there was an excellent administration and distribution system.

For this reason, I reiterate, if corruption is the problem, avoid it and punish it, but there is no need to change everything, inventing new procedures, in order to feel original.

Descartes: I think, therefore I exist … This issue is of life and death, as happened with the girl with leukemia.

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