MediaMarkt will repair Apple products with original parts by the end of 2021 – Tablets and telephones – News

And this is not necessarily true. I had a late 2013 MBP and so it was fixed for free 3 years after purchase in 2016 when the GPU in the Intel CPU started showing Artifacts.

That is a known issue in my opinion:

With such issues, the problem is often repaired for free until normally 5 years after sale, after which it is seen as EOL.

What I’m aiming for is driving up costs that are totally unnecessary. I also had a 2013 model for repair with an LVDS problem (indicated in note) block hours for “diagnostic costs” to find out that the LCD assembly needs to be replaced. Well, everything is glued, and in total those costs would be 400, – euros, excluding transport on a system of almost 8 years old, I had to wait 2 weeks for this!

These are the official ways, unofficially you use a heat gun to disassemble the assembly, do a reseat on the LVDS cable, and at most replace it with a 10 piece.

Note before you start talking Apple service in the clouds, that specific LVDS cable is NOT going to give or sell the apple to you. You are only going to take a course first to become Apple certified (first tap), and then learn how to replace an assembly

Be glad that you have had few problems with your products, but know that as a consumer in the Netherlands that the warranty is just as long as the expectation in a particular product.

If I deposit 2.5k for a flagship I also expect that I should be able to work with this for at least 3 years, Dell also uses this, Apple not with their 2 years, on all their products. Who else, Samsung, or all the other big monopolists who hire an army of lawyers to abuse a system.

I have no respect for companies that treat the world like that and whether people are treated like a problem box, that happens when you become big and unwieldy, with the wrong people in power.

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