Medel recognized unknown episode after fight in Copa América

The Pitbull explained that he again saw the faces with the Argentine “10” after they were expelled from the match for third place in the tournament.

More than two years after the fact, Gary Medel provided unpublished details of the remembered fight he had with Lionel Messi in the third and fourth place match of the Copa América 2019, where both were expelled and Argentina beat Chile 2-1.

In an interview on Instagram with Julio César Rodríguez, Medel reiterated that by only hitting each other, they both deserved the yellow card and that the match referee, Paraguayan Darío Gaona, “went through revolutions.”


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However, the curious thing came later, as Medel confirmed that upon being expelled, both were sent to the drug control together and in the same room, just minutes after the streak: “We were both like this (makes a gesture of looking down) in the same room … we didn’t even look at each other”, said.

Medel added that although after the game those situations are forgotten, in that case they were sent to the same room with the rival you fought, which “is still complicated.”

Medel revealed an unknown episode with Messi after the 2019 Copa América fight

However, the episode was already in the past in the following Chile-Argentina, where the Bologna defender confirmed that he discussed the issue with the current PSG striker: “There we talked about it, that the shit … that came out everywhere”, Held.



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