Maxi call for the Korean SUV that ‘stinks of feet’

Very strange what is happening these days to Hyundai’s Korean SUV, which will probably soon be the victim of a maxi recall, due to a problem that is really mysterious and almost funny.

The car in question is the Palisade SUV, customers complain that it stinks of feet inside. Not at all pleasant, especially considering that, usually, when you buy a car, you can hear it for quite some time a strong smell back inside, which may or may not be pleasant. But the big Korean SUV that is sold on the North American market unfortunately gave this bad surprise to the new owners.

A smell, apparently, really unpleasant, which is making them damn. There are many customers who complain about this unpleasant smell inside the passenger compartment of the grande SUV premium Hyundai Palisade, has even been compared to the smell of feet, or even of used socks and even of decomposing food, such as that of the waste separation bins. A real horror, at the very thought of it, your skin crawls.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that this is really happening thanks to what was published in a forum dedicated to the big Hyundai SUV, the news was also confirmed by some journalists who write for, who are using one of these cars for a long-distance test. As far as we know today, the unpleasant smell seems to be felt a lot especially in the headrest area and in particular for all those variants of the SUV that have seats covered in Light Nappa leather.

Another common complaint is that, with high temperatures and especially if the passenger compartment is not aired for a long time, the smell is much stronger, almost unbearable. Car and Driver, another newspaper, asked for an inspection in one of the Hyundai brand workshops, which confirmed that the smell is heard and that it does not come from the headrest, but in particular the padding of the seats that, at this point, something may be wrong.

In fact, the technicians have confirmed that the stench of feet is felt by smelling the holes on the backrest where the cushion is inserted. Despite the attempts to eliminate the smell, with deodorants, bleach, antibacterials, after a while it reappears. Hyundai Motors America has obviously been notified of the problem and announced that he is looking for the causes of the discomfort, after which he will initiate a maxi call to resolve it.


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