Covid, De Luca: “Over 700 new positives in Campania, 90-95% are asymptomatic”

“Lockdown with a thousand cases and 200 healed per day” “The goal is to have a balance between new positives and healed ones. But if we have a thousand infections and two hundred healed it is lockdown”, added De Luca in a live Facebook. “If we have – he said – an increase of 800 new positives every day, we close everything. I do not dramatize, I do a numerical calculation. Now we are in Phase D, a phase of very high contagion”.

The De Luca-De Magistris controversy on the data continues – The mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris sent De Luca a letter on the Covid situation in the city. “I believe it is necessary, urgent and indispensable that all the data on the progress of the virus be communicated to me constantly and in detail, because they represent the main tool that allows us to analyze the contagion on the territory and, in particular, its spread throughout within each municipality “.

“Not only – added the mayor of Naples – but also the relative resurgence and penetration in the territory and among the community of the Metropolitan City, a very important part of the Campania Region, of which, I recall, I am the mayor”.

Almost 600 new cases in Veneto Another black day for the coronavirus emergency in Veneto, where 595 more infections were recorded than on Thursday. The number of infected since the beginning of the epidemic has largely exceeded the psychological quota of 30 thousand (precisely 30,504) with increases especially in the provinces of Venice (+131) and Treviso (+120). There are also three deaths, for a total of 2,209. Limited growth in hospitalizations (+7) and intensive care (+1).

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Peak of cases in Umbria With 151 new coronavirus cases registered on the last day, Umbria has reached the highest level ever reached since the beginning of the pandemic. The result of 2,645 swabs analyzed in 24 hours, also in this case an absolute record. This was announced by the commissioner for the Covid emergency, Antonio Onnis, during a press conference to take stock of the situation. Speaking of a growing curve, he stressed that the figure “alarms”.

Switzerland puts four Italian regions in the “red list” – Meanwhile, the number of Italian regions included by Switzerland in the list of countries and areas at high risk of coronavirus infection has risen to four. In addition to Liguria, the Federal Office of Public Health has added Campania, Sardinia and Veneto. The updated list, which will be valid from 12 October, includes 61 countries and 28 regions. Anyone returning to Switzerland from these areas must quarantine.


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