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Mathieu Dupont: “Take back, we believe in it hard as iron”. Sport

Despite a very good start to the season, the Spay club, which plays in R2, had to see, like all amateur clubs, the suspension of its championship due to the health situation.

The first obvious consequence of this situation is the economic impact. As mentioned by Mathieu Dupont, the coach, amateur clubs organize several events to raise funds. For example, at Spay, we are organizing a sauerkraut evening, a pétanque tournament and other events that will obviously not take place this year. A huge loss for the club. The closing of the refreshments also represents a big loss. At the social level, also: The refreshment bar is a moment of conviviality where supporters are used to hang out.

But one of the biggest losses for the clubs according to the spayen coach, it is the loss of a large number of licensees and volunteers. With the end of the matches, he fears a loss of motivation to return to play football or help out on a voluntary basis. Coming back to play football in July / August when the weather is nice and the barbecue season is open is much more motivating than coming back in January / February when it rains and the grounds are not always passable ….

The moral impact on the players but also on an entire club is also real. The health situation prevented access to the changing rooms for a long time, even though they are a place of cohesion and sharing. The same goes for the refreshment bar and the stands. Which takes away the charm of club life. This new break is sure to be a difficult time for the players who have prepared to play this new season. With the feeling of reliving the same thing as last season, even though the players have the hope of recovering and believe in it hard as iron, says Mathieu Dupont.

What conditions?

It remains to be seen when and how to resume the championship? The coach of Spay wants to be worried about the resumption of his season, and under what conditions it could resume. A recovery without a cloakroom? Without supporters? With two games a week to catch up? All these questions trot in the head of the coach, he confided to us his concerns on this subject: Resuming the season without a cloakroom is just not an option, especially since we are entering a much colder period than in August. Likewise, playing two games a week is impossible with our jobs, and trips to several hours in weeks are not possible..

He tries to maintain the morale and motivation of his group but from a distance it is very complicated: “It is important to keep the link with your group but it is not easy at a distance and by message. “ Everyone is free to make a program to keep in shape but nothing is imposed, everyone’s physical condition will not be the same on their return and the coach would do well to have to do pre-season preparation in December / January. “The confinement and the health context in general are very difficult for amateur clubs, we will have to remain united within the clubs.

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