Masterpiece game’Cyberpunk 2077’… From frequent errors to refunds

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Cyberpunk 2077 [사진: CDPR 홈페이지]

[디지털투데이 조믿음 인턴기자] The most anticipated game of 2020, massive multiple access role game (MMORPG)’Cyberpunk 2077′ will be refunded to consumers four days after the release.

Cyberpunk 2077, which has been delayed three times, was released on the 10th (hereafter local time) amid market concerns. However, controversy arose as a number of bugs, optimization problems, and many other errors were discovered over and over again.

According to Business Insider on the 14th, cyberpunk 2077 has many errors that make it difficult to play the game. Contrary to the PC version rating of 90 points on the review site Meta Creek, the average of the Xbox and PlayStation versions managed to exceed 50 points.

Compared to the PC version, it is evaluated that the optimization of the game is insufficient in the previous generation of PlayStation and Xbox, console devices of Sony and Microsoft (MS). In the console version, frames per second were significantly lower, and the graphics were also pointed out that the graphics were worse than that of the PC.

Accordingly, on the 14th, CD Project Red (CDPR) announced an apology through Twitter and announced that a refund will be made to console consumers of the corresponding generation.

CDPR said, “The game was not optimized for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” CDPR promised to correct errors as soon as possible, and added that it will proceed with refunds only to consumers who want a refund.

CDPR also said that updates with various bugs will be released within a week, and two large-scale patches to improve errors will be released in January and February next year.

Cyberpunk 2077 was scheduled to be released in April this year, but it was officially released on December 10 after being postponed three times due to a delay in the development schedule. Cyberpunk 2077, created by CDPR, which has built a world-renowned reputation for’The Witcher 3′, received market attention with its first trailer released in 2012.

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