Massive presence: The police in Stuttgart prevented renewed riots

Germany Massive presence

The police in Stuttgart prevented further riots

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How the police in Stuttgart want to prevent riots again

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After the recent riots in Stuttgart city center, the weekend remained largely calm. This could also be due to the police tactics. Meanwhile, the mood in the city remains tense.

First, many people celebrated peacefully in downtown Stuttgart. From midnight, however, the mood was “irritable” towards the emergency services, the police say. Nevertheless, their tactics apparently worked – it remained calm overall.

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NAfter the recent riots in downtown Stuttgart, the weekend has remained largely calm. This could also be due to the successful tactics of the operation: the police were in the Baden-Württemberg state capital with several hundred officers on site.

This high visibility apparently worked, said a police spokesman for the AFP news agency. As RTL reports, the police were out in the pedestrian zone with hundreds in the palace garden, several patrol cars and a horse patrol.

The inner city was again well attended on Saturday evening until the early hours of the morning. In the early evening, young people and young adults in particular were in small groups around the Schlossplatz. The mood was “largely exuberant and relaxed”, so the police.

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After midnight, however, this changed. A tense and irritable mood prevailed towards the emergency services. In addition, many onlookers would have observed the police measures.

The chairman of the German police union, Ralf Kusterer said that the police had been in the city with massive forces – that would certainly have left an impression.

Among other things, water cannons would have been available. But they were not used. As reported by RTL, the police also made a visible and symbolic presence from 8 p.m. and posted themselves in groups of six at the New Palace, where the riots had taken place a week ago.

Two men were arrested

In connection with the riots a week ago, two men were arrested during the evening. According to the head of the police force, Carsten Höfler, there had previously been intensive personal checks. Most people would have taken it in peacefully.

Two men were then arrested in connection with the riots from June 20 to 21. Further investigations should clarify whether the suspicion against them is confirmed. A third man was temporarily arrested, but the suspicion against him had not been substantiated.

Already in the night to Saturday the police had been on duty with several hundred officers. There were no major incidents here either. Controls were “relatively orderly” according to the police. Predominantly “the typical weekend operations” had to be dealt with, such as assault, minor fights and disturbances in rest.

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On the night of June 21, rioting people in the city center had broken shop windows and looted businesses. According to the police, 400 to 500 people were involved. According to Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), this also includes those who applauded and incited the rioters. So far, nine suspects have been held in custody, an arrest warrant has been suspended. State Police President Stefanie Hinz had promised that such a riot would not be repeated in Stuttgart.

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