“Masked singer”. The monkey drops the mask, the investigators were right

There was little suspense left over the identity of the celebrity hidden under the costume of the monkey in the fourth season of Singer in mask. The last doubts fell on Tuesday 4 October 2022 at the end of the semifinal of the program TF1. The character was in fact eliminated and unmasked. It was Alizée, as the four detectives had guessed from the first broadcast.

The certainties of the members of the jury had however wavered slightly in front of some clues making them hesitate for a while between the singer of Hi … Lolita and Jennifer. The three-way grand finale aired on Tuesday 11 October will therefore oppose the mysterious turtle, the bride in which everyone sees a professional sportswoman and the elephant. It was the latter who found himself giving up against the monkey at the end of the semifinal.

A tiger investigates

The resumption of Like a virginof Madonna, played by Alizée, seduced viewers and jurors less than the performance of the elephant Rossana, from The Police. Jeff Panacloc, Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Kev Adams were joined for an evening by Inès Reg, who appeared as a guest after taking off her tiger mask. Like her companions, she has expressed little doubt about the identity of the monkey and the elephant, but she struggled to recognize the bride and the tortoise.

The penultimate show of season 4’s Singer in mask it was also an opportunity to learn more about the monkey’s fate during the show’s third season. This character had in fact been announced among the participants to be unmasked during the previous edition but in the end he had not taken part in the game after an injury behind the scenes, Camille Combal later explained.

Vertigo for weeks

When asked on the subject after his elimination on Tuesday, Oct.4, Alizée confirmed. The singer said she fell backwards as she trained to climb onto the shoulders of her agent so she could equally surprise Camille Combal on set. In her fall, her head hit the ground violently and the artist suffered from dizziness for several weeks, preventing him from participating in the third season of Singer in mask.

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