1. FC Köln sorted: Kainz & Co.

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1. FC Köln around Steffen Baumgart are having a great season again. After the victory against Borussia Dortmund you are in seventh place in the standings. But the European Cup rotation is imminent.
Who is worth to Comunio, who is not? All players sorted!

Surely you buy it from 1. FC Köln

Florian Kainz (9,750,000), Dejan Ljubicic (6,860,000)

1. FC Köln once again helped an older player to reach a new performance record: Florian Kainz he is in incredible shape at Effzeh. His stats include three goals, four assists and nine big chances created. Kainz prepares 2.5 shots on goal per game. Add to that a positive tackle rate (51%) and the perfect SofaScore player is ready. He scored the second most common points of any midfielder, after Joshua Kimmich. It works in Kainz! And for a human price.

Also Dejan Ljubicic is at the top of the list. His 40 common points give him seventh place in the midfield standings and one with an abnormal market value that is impressive. Maximilian Arnold (40 points) and Julian Brandt (38 points) each cost eight figures – Ljubicic is available for around seven million.

Currently good 1. FC Köln systems

Timo Hubers (3,420,000), Steffen Tigges (3,420,000), Denis Huseinbasic (560,000),

When it comes to value for money, there are two other people from Cologne who are at the top. Thyme Hubers (3.00 PPS for 3.42 million) e Steffen Tigges (2.80 PPS to 3.42 million) offer good points for their price. Tigges scores a little weaker than his colleague Effzeh, but forwards are generally more expensive than defenders, so these are still good market values ​​in relation to their positions.

A good speculative investment is currently Denis Huseinbasic. The Cologne midfielder joined the Kickers Offenbach in the regional league in the summer and had the anticipated difficulties adjusting to the Bundesliga. But Baumgart proved in the shortage of personnel: he also relies on Huseinbasic. This could make him a valuable player in the upcoming European 1 weeks. FC Köln. For half a million, this is a must buy.

Potential price in order

Ellyes Skhiri (7,360,000), Mark Uth (7,240,000), Jonas Hector (6,400,000), Linton Maina (4,320,000), Luca Kilian (3,200,000), Benno Schmitz (2,920,000), Florian Dietz (2,180,000), Ondrej Duda (2,080,000), Marvin Schwäbe (1,700,000), Kingsley Schindler (1,180,000), Timo Horn (230,000),

Ellyes Skhiri is the problem child of the Commune of Cologne. It is not in very good shape, which is why its market value is currently too low. But Skhiri is more of an underperformer – he’ll be fine again! It didn’t suddenly lose performance. This still makes it a good buy if you want to bet on your recovery.

Mark Uth had a rapid increase in market value after returning from injury, but initially only sat on the bench. Prudence is currently on the agenda here. Jonah Hector, Linton Maina And Luca Kilian you can buy without problems – they bring you good points for their price.

Benno Schmitz according to his PPS (3.0), he should indeed be a category above, but he has recently scored rather badly on several occasions, scoring two own goals against VfL Bochum and Borussia Dortmund. Like Skhiri, you can bet on a recovery, but it is quite expensive at the moment.

to Florian Dietz, Ondrej Duda And Kingsley Schindler the lack of eleven starting guarantees are the obstacles. But in the weeks of the Champions Cup they will see their playing time: the only question is whether in the league or in Europe. Since this is unclear, one should be careful. Marvin Schwabe and backup Thyme Horn are decent options for the goalkeeper if your best players are already sold out.

Rather don’t buy from Effzeh

Jan Thielmann (2,910,000), Sargis Adamyan (2,410,000), Eric Martel (1,860,000), Nikola Soldo (1,620,000), Kristian Pedersen (500,000), Tim Lemperle (390,000), Georg Strauch (180,000), Rijad Smajic (170,000), Jonas Urbig (160,000), Matthias Köbbing (160,000)

In the duel of the starting lineup, at the moment they seem to be at a disadvantage Jan Thielmann And Sargis Adamyan, which is why they fall into this category. Here too, thanks to European competition, you can strike if you want. The same goes for Eric Martellowho sees little playing time compared to the other Cologne players, but then scores well.

Christian Pedersen he has almost completely fallen, plus he scores weakly when playing. Lemperle team, Giorgio Strauch, Rijad Smajic, Jonas Urbig And Matthias Koebbing everyone plays no role at 1. FC Köln.

You definitely sell these colonies

Julian Chabot (900,000), Mathias Olesen (540,000), Sebastian Andersson (290,000), Dimitrios Limnios (160,000)

There are actually no real selling tips, so you can only find long-term injuries here Julian Chabot, Mattia Olesen And Dimitrios Limnios. Sebastian Andersson adds the trio, because he’s always healthy again, but never for a longer period of time – and even right now he doesn’t see operating hours.

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