Marta Guzmán tells us how she has dealt with her breast cancer

last februaryMarta Guzmán48, opened his heart to tell us about the battle he was waging against breast cancer, a disease that two months earlier had taken her to the operating room to have a tumor removed. Now the driver tells us how her treatment is going:

– Marta, how are you doing with your treatment?

“Fairly good. There were four rude (red) chemotherapies and they were every 21 daysI finished on April 5 and at the beginning of this month I started with the radiations”.

– How are you doing with the radiation?

“It’s going to be 21 a day and you still don’t feel anything, but it may be that my skin turns red as they accumulate, that’s why I put on a cream after each session. Also, there will be a treatment to inhibit hormones because the tumor has characteristics of five hormone receptors”.

– What havoc have you faced?

“Fortunately there were no changes in the breast, although with radiation you can probably see it differently, but not so far. My face swelled up a little because they gave me cortisone before the chemo and, with such strong treatments, my hair falls out, my nails are mistreated and I got some sores on my hands, among other things, but my doctors always tell me what to take.”

– How did you manage hair loss?

“There are those who say that hair is not the most important thing, but it is something that affects your self-esteem because you are used to seeing yourself in one way and suddenly you change, which is difficult. When it was irremediable that it would fall off, I said: ‘I’m going to shave it off’ and my children, who are very empathetic, helped meIt was a very special moment”.

– How are your kids?

“Although I have cried a lot, it saved me that I have accepted the situation with some humor and that’s why they have taken it the same way, in fact, sometimes we joke, I tell them that if they now say: ‘Sons of your hair…’, it’s real and they can’t be offended and we die laughing. Although I had my wig made because I wanted to see myself with hair.”

Recently, he uploaded a photo without a wig

-You uploaded a photo without a wig…

“On the air I said many times that I was wearing a cancer wig, but I had not been seen without it, so I did it to get rid of vanity and say: ‘No way, I’m going through this and this is an effect’. I shared it in case someone is going through the same thing, don’t feel so bad and don’t be embarrassed because in the end no one asked for it’”.

-Completing this series of treatments, is it possible that your cancer is already in remission?

“This is all to prevent the cancer from coming back, but I go stage by stage”, concluded.

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