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Has PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino (50) already decided?

At least that’s what Paris boss Nasser al-Khelaifi (48) suggests in an interview with the American broadcaster CNN!

When asked if the Sheikh Club is planning changes in the coaching bench, the Qatari owner blurts out, saying: “There will certainly be many changes. We’ll probably announce it by the end of the week.”

PSG boss Nasser al Khelaifi is planning the big change in the summer

Photo: Michel Spingler / AP

When asked if Pochettino was also meant by changes, the PSG boss grins and then says: “Now is not the right time to talk about the coach. Yes or no, we’ll see.”

And further: “We want to create a new era of Paris Saint-Germain; a new project, fresh air.”

Is that the end of Pochettino?

There have been rumors for weeks that the Paris bosses are planning for the new season without the Argentine coach.

Main reason: The poor performance in the Champions League, in which PSG, despite superstars like Lionel Messi (34), Neymar (30) and Kylian Mbappé (23), crashed in the round of 16 at Real Madrid.

Al-Khelaifi: “The defeat in the Champions League was not easy. “

In addition, according to media reports, sports director Leonardo (52) has already been kicked out. He brought in Pochettino to replace German coach Thomas Tuchel (48), who won the Champions League with Chelsea six months after his dismissal. A decision that didn’t please everyone in PSG’s leadership…

However: As the French trade journal “L’Equipe” reported on Tuesday, superstar Kylian Mbappé is said to have spoken out in favor of working with Pochettino in the next season after his giga extension with a contract volume of almost 450 million euros.

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Have you considered that?
“Mbappé is taking a HUGE risk”

Source: IMAGE

Mbappé, whose word now counts even more at the club than before, spoke positively about his current coach the day before and said he had “a great relationship” with the coach.

In doing so, he sent a clear message to the club’s top management that he would like to see Pochettino continue at PSG, the report said.

At the same time, the club is pondering whether the failure of the season is actually solely the fault of the coach. Furthermore, by keeping the Argentine, the club will save an estimated €15m in compensation that would otherwise have to be paid to him. His contract runs until 2023.

After that, writes “L’Équipe”, Pep Guardiola (51) could actually become an issue! Bringing the Manchester City coach to Paris has long been the dream of the PSG bosses. Fittingly, the Spaniard’s contract with the Premier League club also expires in 2023.

Either way: At the end of the week, all fans should be smarter about who the next Parisian coach will be!

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